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Future-proof your food service business with automated sustainability tracking

Infood automatically and accurately calculate the climate footprint, organic accounting, and nutritional composition of your company's purchases over time with minimal manual effort required other than providing access to your invoices.

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How it works

1. Upload your invoices

Forward invoices from your suppliers to Infood. Our system automatically recognises and interprets the data therein through our custom invoice recognition and mapping algorithm.

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2. We enrich your data

The interpreted invoice lines becomes enriched with sustainability and nutrition data from our food knowledge graph (ontology), which is based on the FoodEx2 standard mapped to Foodcomp and LCA databases.

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3. Get sustainability insights

You can access the data that Infood obtains from life cycle analyses, which gives you a detailed understanding of the impact of your food purchases.

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For a green transition
For ESRS reporting

Reinforce your green transition with actionable sustainability data and insights

The demand for greener and cleaner food products is growing. To meet the demand you need quality sustainability data and insight about the food you serve, which enables you to take action on green transition and become a leader with sustainable food products.

Infood serves just that need. We collect and enrich your food purchase data and present core sustainability insights in an easy to use overview. Use this data and insights to build greener menus and better stories about your sustainability performance.

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How insights can help you

Infood takes the guesswork out of sustainability tracking and empowers you with actionable data. Monitor your progress, identify areas for improvement, and showcase your commitment to sustainable practices.

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Stay on top of your monthly CO2 emissions and proactively manage your sustainability goals, ensuring your business remains committed to reducing its environmental impact.

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Geographical distribution

Gain insights into the geographical distribution of your sourced ingredients. Track and visualize your food supply chain and promote and empower transparency, built trust and reinforce your commitment to responsible sourcing.

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Product-Level overview

Gain an overview of aggregated carbon emissions and weight for each product across all purchases and evaluate the sustainability performance of each food item.

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Food group distribution

Quickly asses the impact of you food purchases across different food groups, allowing you to evaluate and adjust your purchasing decisions for a more balanced and sustainable offering.


Sustainable menus

Utilize the recipe builder tool available in the Infood platform to create meals and menus that cater to the increasing demand for climate-friendly and nutritious food.

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Browse +7000 products

You can easily find the ingredients you need to create delicious and nutritious, climate-friendly dishes that set your business apart.

Image of a recipe with tags on it

Tag your recipes

Simplify recipe organization with easy tagging. Filter and search recipes effortlessly using custom tags.

Image from the infood dashboard with shrinkage calculations

Calculate shrinkage

Reduce food waste by calculating the amount of food that is lost during the preparation and cooking process.


Organic reporting

Infood is capable of automatically generating the organic reports needed to obtain and maintain the Danish state guaranteed Organic Cuisine Label.

Image from Infood where you can see the list of invoices in your organic report

Reduce errors

Infood removes the headache and risk of errors in your organic label administration by automatically distinguishing between food and non-food across suppliers and invoice templates.

Image from Infood where you can see the percentage of your organic report

Track progress

Track the progress of your organic reporting effortlessly and in real time to achieve your desired label.

Image from Infood where you can export your report

Simple accounting

Infood automatically generates the accounting sheet needed for organic reporting, reducing administration and freeing up your time.

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Built on international standards

Infood’s comprehensive food knowledge graph is built on international standards of knowledge graphs, food data and publicly available nutritional and LCA data.


Food composition databases


Nutrient attributes


Unique base food products


Food property mappings

Image of the team

The team behind Infood

Our goal with Infood is to initiate positive change in the food service industry. With our shared passion for sustainability and skills, we are confident that we can make a meaningful difference in the fight against climate change.

Our team is made up of experienced developers, designers, data scientists, and sustainability experts who are committed to creating a user-friendly and intuitive product.


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